• Perspectives

Peace Trust has as its objectives the protection of the environment, the complete eradication of child labour, the empowerment of women, especially the poverty-stricken rural women, just solutions to problems connected with migrant labour, universal awareness on health and hygiene, integrated watershed management, international lobbying for labour rights, national lobbying for child rights and equitable distribution of the fruits of development among all sections of the society without distinction of locality, caste, creed, class, economic status or social stratum.

During the process of planning and implementation, at every stage of every activity, Peace Trust engages in constant interaction with the local population, especially the beneficiaries, the trade unions, other like-minded NGOs, political leaders, people’s representatives and the administrative machinery. In depth study of the requirements of the project areas and the socio-economic circumstances of the place and time precedes every project implementation. Regular supervision and intervention, wherever necessary, are the insurance methods against lapses in implementation. Submitting detail reports to the benefactors is also ensured.

The Trust leaves no stone unturned in achieving its goal of eradicating child labour, especially from hazardous industries. Employers are advised to raise the labour standards, to eliminate child labour and to do justice to migrant labourers. Women are organised into SHGs and given vocational training and entrepreneurial assistance to become financially self reliant and socially equal to their male counterparts. Eco-friendly farming methods and resource management programmes like watershed management are implemented after wide publicity among the general public to ensure the support of all the sections of the society.

Government radio stations and the community radio of the Trust, all TV channels, all news papers and other periodicals and the Trust’s own books and publications are used for awareness campaigns on health, hygiene, AIDS, labour rights, human rights, women empowerment, etc.. Leaflets and loudspeaker announcements are used when the project is limited to a specific locality.