• Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries are the marginalised sections of the society, with special attention to child labourers, migrant labourers, rural women, unemployed youth and victims of natural calamities, of target areas. No distinction is made on the lines of caste, creed, political affiliations or religious beliefs. Those who are in need of most attention get the most of it, as far as possible.

All the Tamil speaking people, the world over, especially migrant labourers, benefit from the internet radio broadcasts, publications and such other broad-based network and communication programmes. The general public of the target area get the benefit of all awareness campaigns, health and hygiene programmes, and environment protection projects. Migrant labourers from Tamil Nadu get the benefit of rescue and resettlement efforts. Child labourers get the fruits of liberation, non-formal education, re-entry into institutions of formal education, etc. Unemployed youth and women get the benefits of vocational training, organizational initiatives, financial assistance, etc.

In natural calamities, all the affected people, without any distinction, get the benefits of relief activities. The homeless people and children who are dropouts from formal schools get the most out of rehabilitation initiatives. Free medicines are provided to people suffering from common ailments and awareness campaigns on HIV/AIDS are conducted among vulnerable sections in the target area.