1984 Founded Peace Trust…………..
  1986 ‘Suttrusoozhal Puthiya Kalvi’, a periodical on environment and education, started publication
  1989 A movement to create awareness among villagers of Dindigul district on the harmful effects of tannery effluents and to bring the issue to government’s attention is launched
  1990 A state wide Environmental Conference is organized with the participation of Chief Justice P.N. Bhagwati
  1990 The Peace Trust Administration Building is declared open
  1991 The Chairman, J. Paul Baskar, attends Workers’ Rights and Environmental Conference in Santiago, Chile, and acquaints himself with prominent world leaders
  1992 Peace Trust becomes a UN accredited NGO
  1992 The Chairman, J. Paul Baskar, takes part in the first UN Earth Summit
  1992 The book ‘Court cases relating to environmental issues’ by J. Paul Baskar is published
  1993 ‘Suttrusoozhal Puthiya Kalvi’ becomes a monthly
  1993 The first Tamil Nadu Environmental Conference is held at Tiruchi
  1995 Chennai Conference, in which activists like M.C. Mehta and Vandana Siva participated, is organised
  1995 Measures aimed at streamlining industrial prawn cultivation are launched
  1995 The Chairman, J. Paul Baskar, attends UN World Social Summit at Copenhagen, Denmark, raising the issue of pollution of Cauvery River by Paper Mills
  1995 As a result, the World Bank requests Tamil Nadu government to takes steps to protect the livelihood of the Cauvery delta farmers
  1995 The Chairman, J. Paul Baskar, attends a conference on environmental and labour issues in Pisa, Italy
  1995 He visits London to meet anti-slavery activists for the welfare of migrant Tamil labourers
  1996 The Chairman, J. Paul Baskar, releases a chart of called ‘Green manifesto’ during the time of elections to the Tamil Nadu assembly
  1996 During the conference of the Civil Society Dialogue, in which J. Paul Baskar participated, he meets the World Bank President
  1996 Peace Trust organises a State Level Conference on environmental issues in Pondicherry
  1996 Peace Trust convenes a conference in Cuddalore on the effect of effluence from the SIPCOT Industrial Estate and Industrial Park on the environment
  1999 The Chairman, J. Paul Baskar, attends the Seminar on Sustainable Development in Cambodia
  1999 He attends the Conference on Asia’s Economic Problems in …..
  1999 He attends an ADB General Body Meeting at Chiangmai, Thailand, as an official of NGO Working Group on ADB
  1999 He intensifies campaign against violations of the labour rights of migrant workers and campaign for their health issues including HIV/AIDS problems
  2000 In June, J. Paul Baskar, attends the second round table of the UN’s Social Conference at Geneva
  2000 In July, he participates in the International Urban 21 Conference in Berlin
  2000 He attends a seminar at Hanover conducted by German Business Association and addresses various industry groups and international business organisations
  2002 In February, joining hands with Farmers Association Research Organisation, educational institutions and Chamber of Commerce, Peace Trust organises an International Groundwater Conference in Dindigul
  2002 In June, a major conference of environmental issues is organised by Peace Trust in Chennai in which several MLAs, MPs and Ministers participated
  2002 In August-September, J. Paul Baskar is a representative at the Earth Summit in Johannesburg