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Besides the bare necessities of life like food, clothing and shelter, every child in a civil society is entitled to decent healthcare, standard education, minimum recreational facilities and equal opportunities to develop and grow. Children should be taught to grow up into responsible citizens who will work in unison for an egalitarian society based on grassroots level democracy and social justice for all.

Every able bodied man and woman should be gainfully employed with adequate rest and recreation facilities and equal opportunities for better prospects. No distinctions should be made on the basis of locality, caste, creed, class, social stratum, political affiliation or economic status. ”Live and let live” should be the motto.

Development should flow down and reach the marginalised common folk, especially the women and children who suffer the most all the time, be it from poverty or social discrimination or natural calamity or whatever else a community may be suffering from. Women should be empowered through organisational initiatives, employment-oriented training, entrepreneurship assistance and health and hygiene education to become financially self reliant and socially elevated.

The natural resources of our good earth should be conserved as far as possible, limiting their exploitation to the minimum needed level, for the future generations. The soil and water should be taken good care of with organic inputs and sustainable farming methods. The environment, especially the forests and other ecological preserves, should be protected from the profit-hungry elements of the society. Industrial pollution should be controlled through treatment of effluents and, wherever possible, changes in the chemical ingredients and processes.