• Annual Report

One more year has passed 365 days of trials and tribulations, endurance and perseverance, culminating in great achievements and jubilation. Bountiful blessings from the Almighty, generous support from the benefactors, timely assistance from the authorities, dedicated service from the staff and, above all, whole hearted cooperation from the beneficiaries and the public at large, at every step of the way, lightened our yoke and turned every thorn into a rose petal. As we near our Silver Jubilee year, we have to look back and ponder over the net result of the work already done and take count of the poorest of the poor who have shared the fruits of our labour, as the Father of our Nation would have wanted us to do. Nothing else really matters. We must also look forward and gear up for the immense work awaiting us in the field of social service that uplifts the oppressed, awakens the depressed, comforts the deprived and rehabilitates the displaced. Let us hitch our wagon to the stars and strive to move farther and farther, higher and higher, swifter and swifter, in this year of the Olympics. Thanking everyone for their support and cooperation, I present herewith the Annual Report of Peace Trust for the year 2011-2012 and 2012-2013.