• Partners

Peace Trust is a member of several national and international organisations that share the same spirit of social service and self sacrifice. It also receives generous support from reputed national and international agencies and organisations in the form of financial assistance and technical cooperation. Peace Trust is thankful for their magnanimity and generosity and promises to live up to their confidence and expectations.
Peace Trust is a member of:
1. Global March Against Child Labour and SACCS, New Delhi
2. Child Workers in Asia, Thailand
3. CARAM Asia, Malaysia
4. Fresh Water Action Network, UK
5. United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNECOSOC)
6. Tamil Nadu Coastal Zone Management Authority
Current Supporters

  2. Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation
  3. ICICI – Give Foundation, India

  1. The Body Shop International, UK
  2. Children’s World, Sweden
  3. Karl Kubel Stiftung (KKS), Germany
  4. Strahelmann – Initiative, Germany
  5. Fraport, Germany
  6. BMZ, Germany
  7. European Commission, Germany
  8. GTZ – German Technical Cooperation, Germany
  9. Terre des Homes, Germany and East France
10. Mani Tese, Italy
11. Region of Lombardia, Italy
12. Indiska Magasinet, Sweden
13. Forgotten Children, USA
14. CARAM Asia, Malaysia
15. DGIS, Netherlands
16. American Centre for International Labour Solidarity, Sri Lanka
17. World Bank – Small Grant Programmes