• Chairman's Foreword

Your goodwill and support has enabled us, at Peace Trust, to cope with the Herculean task of lifting up hundreds of our fellow human beings from the clutches of slavery, oppression, poverty and unemployment. We have been working for the liberation and education of child labourers; rescuing and reemploying migrant workers, organizing and empowering rural women; entrepreneurial training to youth and sensitizing the general public on issues of human rights, health and hygiene, environment protection.

In all these endeavours, we have received the generous and whole-hearted support and assistance from thousands of individuals, institutions and organizations, both Government and Non-Government, national and international. Our achievements are still miniscule when compared to the immensity and imminence of the tasks we have already committed ourselves to and the tasks awaiting and clamouring for our attention.

New calamities and challenges, both natural and man-made, like the recent tsunami and the global repercussions of world economic trends, remind us all that we must be always vigilant and prepared to face new obstacles on our path of progress. We have to be constantly in the fighting mode to overcome the unpremeditated hurdles on our way. We have to strengthen our linkages and affiliations with like-minded institutions and organisations and stand united against the overwhelming odds.

All the activities and projects of Peace Trust are reviewed and supervised by trained personnel and qualified technical staffs, besides the inspecting teams are from the donor institutions and affiliated organisations. We, at Peace Trust, insist upon the complete transparency in all policy decisions, project executions and distribution of benefits. You are all invited to visit our institutions and projects to have a first hand experience of the various activities we are engaged in, as and when you have the time and inclination to do so; We will be there to welcome you.
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